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Residential Rehabilitation

A residential rehabilitation program is a necessary step in the recovery process for many brain injury survivors. It offers a bridge from the hospital setting to independence in the community by facilitating reintegration in planned phases.

Residential living opportunities are available at Willowbrook facilities located in the greater Livingston County area. These facilities offer the ideal setting for skills training, socialization, privacy and relaxation. Additionally, they offer the opportunity to progress to the least restrictive environment possible.

Our Residential Levels Include:

Transitional Living:

An intensive program which works in concert with the day treatment setting. Transitional living builds functional living skills in preparation for advancement to a more demanding residential level or a return to the client’s own home.


Transitional Apartment Living:

A unique level of care offering the structure and security of 24 hour supervision AND individual apartment living. Our Transitional Apartment Program was constructed specific to the needs of this client population and their ultimate success. Establishing sustainable independent living skills and a healthy leisure lifestyle is a key focus of this program.


Semi-Independent Living:

Semi-independent apartment living offers an even more challenging environment to test functional independence while continuing to provide intermittent supervision and support. High level home management and community integration skills are emphasized.


Long-Term Living:

Long term care is also available for those with a more extended prognosis for recovery. Improving and maintaining learned abilities are the focus of treatment at this level of care.


Respite Care:

Offering short-term physical and emotional relief to the primary care giver is available at all residential levels. It can also help ensure the success of home placements by providing families periodic relief during unexpected personal events or planned vacations. Availability varies.